As we open the school year 2018-2019, I am filled with joy. I see many familiar faces of you, students, who have returned to our care. I also see many fresh faces of new students who have come to our care. I welcome all of you.

                Fiore will turn seventeen years old this year. As we can all see, we have made great strides in improving our facilities. We have provided in-service training to our teachers so that they can better serve not only as your mentors but also as your models.

                 We, in administration, realize the enormous responsibility that we shoulder in order to help you reach greater heights. We would like you to discover your potentials and find avenues for achieving your life’s goals. What are potentials? What are the ways of discovering them? Potentials are abilities, talents, capabilities that you have but have not been realized. You may possess the potentials for the arts or for science or for business. You may have the potentials for crafting metals into something artistic or useful. You may have the potentials for being a computer whiz. However, unless you discover them, your potentials remain hidden. But we want to help you turn these potentials into reality.

                 We, in administration, will continue to define and refine our policies to educate and train you. The curriculum will challenge you to develop not only your knowledge but also to imbibe the virtues that make a true human being. Our teachers have been trained to pave the way for you. However, it is your responsibility to accept the challenges that education throws at you. Do not miss your classes. And when you are in your classes, do not be lazy. Make good use of your time. Plan your studies, look for ways of feeding your hunger for knowledge by exploring the many resources around you. Develop the right attitude. Be inquisitive. Be curious. Be serious. Start to chart your future.

                 We, in administration, are here. Your teachers are here. We promise to help you unlock your potentials to help you and not only to fly, but to soar.