The Sisters of the Institute of Our Lady of Carmel keep alive the experience of the Holy Spirit lived by Mother Maria Teresa Scrilli, handed on by means of :

1. A sense of life as a response to the fundamental calling to communion of life with God, who gives them a share in Christ's life and mission.

2. A sense of absolute trust in God in every situation of life, repeating with their Foundress, "Fiat! Let it be done!", and making God a gift of all their love in a fraternal community;

3. A sense of meditation, "leading souls to God", by means of a life both contemplative and given over to education. The Sisters offers the pupils all her intellectual and spiritual abilities, working with them to further their human and spiritual growth;

4. A sense of motherly care towards those they meet on their way, sharing with all their brothers and sisters the problems of their day, living out the following of Christ in an ever more faithful and creative way, attentive to the signs of time, in the conviction that what gives sense to their life is God who is Love.

The spirituality of the Institute of Our Lady of Carmel has profound bond with Carmelite Spirituality.

The listening, the meditation, the praying of the Word of God, and the Eucharist, make of the Sisters witnesses to the love of Christ and instill in them attentiveness to the needs of others. Contemplation and action are complementary in their life, because it is a "leave God for God".

To Carmelite spirituality the Sisters of this Institute add that of Maria Teresa Scirilli, characterized by the primacy of God's will; the good of souls; reparation for evil, derived from the contemplation of the Passion of Christ.

The Sisters venerate with a special love the blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God, to whom the Institute is dedicated and whom Blessed Maria Teresa used to call her "dearest mother". For the blessed Virgin, principal Patron, and perfect image of all that they hope and long to be, they nourish a tender and filial devotion.

The worth of human person is central to the vocation of the Sisters of the Institute and their commintment to education in schools, in pastoral care of young people and in catechesis is a clear echo of the earthly life of Jesus, the Master. Their aim is to be both contemplative women and educators, with the spirit of ongoing formation, aware that moral and spiritual education is learnt in the living.

In the course of time, on account of historical needs arising in Italy, the Sisters' loving care has extended to care of the sick in hospitals and the elderly in homes. Charity towards their suffering neighbour brings them to provide not only material care but also spiritual support.